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Jack's Violent Crew

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When a man was found buried underground in a destroyed city, he was found to have the strength of 100 men and extrodinary powers that allowed him to absorb great amounts of pain and damage. He led a band of survivers through a orgy of blood and gore in the name of peace and led them to safety. It was after these events that he built up a small band of friends who helped him seek out and destroy people that caused suffering and pain to others. this clan is for the people who want to help this man. the man they call..... VIOLENCE JACK.
Hope all is well with everyone...
before i start paying them wanna make sure all my shit is still there
might try make nother froob just to contact some gm or something
not able to says like ''you dont have acess to this dimension''........
you should be able to bless but some of your toons names may have changed to all numbers
sooo was thinking of comeback but cant even get my froob accs up...any1 got idea what happened after server migration?

Jack's Violent Crew Has a New Address!

System, Nov 9, 06 9:56 AM.
Jack's Violent Crew has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild's home on the web!

Resources section of old forum migrated over

Arrien, Oct 20, 06 12:51 PM.
The contents of the "Resources" forum from the old site have been migrated over to the Guides and Info forum here. I left out a few that had seemingly out of date information.

Forum look changed

Arrien, Oct 18, 06 11:15 AM.
I changed the forum to the current look, so complain to me if you don't like it, but the red and black look was making me want to kill someone... and meri kept springing to mind...
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